Friday, 11 March 2011

River of Stones continued (and a book!)

Although January is now well behind us, and I wasn't able to post each day's small stone on this blog, I bring you a few of the remaining small stones from this project:

Day 15:
Her name blinks in yellow lights,
As we stare, grinning,
And a cold wind whips around us.

Day 17:
Leaving work while it's still just light,
A sign of coming spring,
A pale orange glow to the evening air.

Day 23:
Day by day they grow taller,
Blue, red and yellow crocuses
Providing some colour amongst winter grey.

Day 28:
Drinks with an old friend,
Relaxing after a long week,
Songs and silliness, fun and laughter.

Fiona and Kaspa, creators of the river of stones project, have now published a book of small stones written by various people throughout January. And, they chose one of my stones to include! The book is available from, in hardback, paperback or download, and is a unique and interesting collection -

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