Friday, 10 January 2014

Welcome to 2014!

A quick post to recap on 2013, and announce my writing goals and news for 2014...

2013 was fairly slow on the poetry front. However, I did force myself to submit to more publishing opportunities and competitions, and, amongst the many expected rejections, I did receive one acceptance. One of one poems, 'Prophet' will appear in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine in February 2014.

2013 also saw my work published in 'Message In A Bottle' on-line magazine, issue 19 (although the acceptance came in 2012!). Three poems - 'Flight', 'The End' and 'Time Travel' are showcased. I'm very happy to have found a home for them! You can find them on-line now at

I have also been continuing to work on arts and book reviews, and my, slow-going, novel. We shall see what 2014 will bring on this score, as I have lots of ideas, both for my novel and for a number of short stories.

Most recently, I am working on poetic responses to photographs, and am involved in an up-coming exhibition at the Corn Hall in Diss, Norfolk, opening on 4th February 2014, entitled 'On the Eve of...' It is turning out to be an interesting and enjoyable challenge, and there are some wonderful photos to engage with, looking at how text and images can interact.

If you're in the area, I hope you can take a visit. Entry is free!

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