Wednesday, 28 April 2010

NaPoWri Day 26

Today's quote: "A poem is never finished, only abandoned." ~Paul Valéry

Today's prompt: Return to a started, but unfinished, poem. Highlight the words or phrases that please you. Don't cross anything out, yet. Now either finish the poem, or take the parts you like a create a new piece.

Today's poem:

Being well

Leaving the house in tears
I notice the irony,
Of arriving at a well-being day
Not feeling mentally well at all.

It is a Friday,
Favourite day of the week.
But I am unhappy to look forward,
When the weekend holds your absence.

Notes: It was interesting to attempt to bring this piece to some sort of conclusion. I had written in a few months ago, and had never really known where it was going. The result is short, but with a sense of completion it had been lacking.

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