Friday, 2 April 2010

NaPoWriMo Day 2

Today's quote: "You can't write poetry on the computer." ~Quentin Tarantino

Today's prompt (from

Type the letters RWP into the abbreviation search field at Acronym Attic and write a poem inspired in any way by one or more of the resulting phrases. You don’t have to use the words from the phrase in your poem, but you can if they fit.

Today's Poem:

Regular White Paper

It sits on my desk,
clean, fresh, empty,
taunting me,
asking me to make it real,
make it something more
than just regular white paper.

Lines, shapes, marking,
diagrams, tables and words,
eaten up like food
for its tiny white paper soul.

Until it's full,
every space covered in
meaning and language.
And then the words and shapes,
numbers and diagrams
can be set free on the wind,
or in water,
held against the elements
by the thin sheet of paper,
so much more than just paper -
taking its message far from here.
It's final destiny fulfilled.

Again, an interesting and inspirational prompt. There were 37 meanings for RWP, including Really Weird Person, and Right Wing Porn, but Regular White Paper stuck with me. Such a simple, everyday thing, but such an important thing to the writer, especially the poet, bringing him or her closer to the words themselves, as in today's quote.

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